Friday, July 6, 2018

july 6th _I LIKE THESE PICS better, BUTT GUYS BOOBS GUYS nylons heels tan BTW u see take care of skin, teeth Hair being done, mid process, blonde, lt brown, reddish tinge , & bra top in background? rest bags, ops thongs shorts diff types tps , undies dresses skirts bodystocking etc cccc ,,


ACTUALLY   past month all the picture been hot since may ,,,
 cities travel,, i know  i am waiting  the site  u seem to have picked vs bp  has been down 3 weeks,, there trying update system fix billing and verification ( I know tho i ave asked  wrote them every week including today ))))  and it is why stay here  THEY USE  ANOTHER SITE HAVE  WHAT I CALL REGIONAL BOARD  one locals gals guys use to post  everyday and say hey here friday ( sooo at worst i can say hey can  someone come by noon so can pay hotel) i cant  do that in your city ___ do YOU WANT  me to come just txt everyone  hope not bugging u and hope someone  can come by??? OK  i didnt think so winkkkk,,, bear in mind also  nice g i am still learning what to say,,,  lot cities been what call bp cities us schedule etc different and u dont realize  how hard it is for me work in u city  i mean reasonable rate,, if i did what other do agency or higher rate,, yes i can  but  to be the rate u want me at    very very hard  for me,,  just keep in mind when u get upset ,  mean like u cant respond or  people drive or keep txt back forth and u can invite u cant just answer the cell, u have 3 4 minute to answer questions and see who sound ok and say ok come,,  before  u to late and miss everyone for the day,,, they like same days time  Let alone try answer calls txt pm and emails,,, i can  eventually   just not  in the 3 minute  get,, sooo i do best can &                  do agree  should at least respond and  prefer call i doooo agree with  you ,,, but i found makes it worse...  if i do ... a lot of that or what use to do,,, or u think should be polite appropriate or even faster     makes people madder,, and less productive for me,,  also   , so i am  trying  figure that out before i come by also   BUT love ya  COMING
HEYY when u ask girls  do u say hey ava??  and are they always ava?? people seem  floored   that  say ,, u are never the only one asking  with me,, i always have a few asking at same time,,  3 or 4 slowest ,,but find it helpful  if i can answer your questions and see if u want to come by,  see if i want u to  that way next time u free much faster see me, i pick u then,,,,,,,,,, eve if it is next week next year ... and if  all 3 4  asking are new,,wow what a pain,,, lol, 

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