Thursday, June 28, 2018

JULY 2nd is b day<< 1 more wk mnrvl,, & head out PICS from june 29 what i mean when say polished up 4U ,, june 28 nails hair tan & JUNE 26 post dressy, in mirror see feet & dressier, JULY 2nd is b day so ME offically as an old lady,,, wink

fyi next post me mirror,, so see  feet , etc close up   ** ALSO NUDES NEXT POST 25th  end JUNE JULY 2nd is b day so me at  old lady,,,,, before tan on  25th but see i like always look nice so every week i  like  teath whiten clean,, ( for me ocd)  and wash linen for us have fresh linen, sheets  etc ,  tan ,  nails feet  hair,, even if freshen color i mean   etc and then set  for you,,, TONI 

Monday, June 25, 2018

JUNE 25th PICs ( NEW HAIR) go w NEW BODY< wink NUDES & & DRESSY 4U RED MANI/REDI (pix) red outfit & black dress & I DID ALL my self, BTW ,nylons heels next in a video for u

took a few  of one pose ( in case u thought fluke,,  news about travel etc  
and misc  hair  when i say polish up for u this is what i mean , usually do once a week tho,

OH GIVE ME Second thought of plans   ( oh,, for b day week  july 2,4th)  but quickly,,  cbus then be in cincy 2 week and back up thru cbus ( i do mean 1/2 days like i did before,, just do errands etc leave,)  then chi or phil OR i mean i am trying to get straight to chi or phil  tho,   just depends  ( i dont know if oh, pa eve worth having dr or storage  base there,,,  so  going to keep promise   phil chi , bwi hartford (  last 2 promised friends) and  then out  west once ( see if the life altering  for allergies suffers it says it is,,)  & then decide  , exit  not be around or  which cities Like  THAT can  also resume same 4 hospitals with nursing,, && in base city get an apartment,, to  stay week and have daughter  come up ( soooo do have plans/goals,  ) just i dont know either u have to be new  ( i mean have regulars  yes they come by and  every month,, but but  u all want  5pm after i see u so one day isnt keeping me ok  ( soo either  just not even come back to cities or exit out f this altogether r or JUst stay in big cities chi and  phil,,  one of those 3/ 4 plans we will see,, ( OH or take dom  job in capital hill ( but i suck at being a dom dom, ) i want lay  touch rub on u ( as u know) ,,  and no  , when i say  had polish up for u, this is what i mean,,  take an evening  & do hair nails tan feet , teeth , while all of our linen is washing  & then ready , stay 1 cause deciding where go ,  dr etc  my stuff & 2 get regulars u guys change every time  come in out of a city &  also tho see 2  a day 3 max  BUT as  SOON AS I HAVE A  BASE city i like and 3 others i can tour faster,   , even without my base city tho(  i mean every single city  , every time i go back,,  wayyyy down hill like a huge impersonal abusive alley,   or those i know  dont make effort  & want swing by just after work so cant make it in that city ( sooo  honest have a plan  & one is  RE THINKING if coming back) but , my regulars love me i love them ( now to  well either  find cites not alleys  or  have those i know in cities   ((like all i ask is 2 a day ) & oh pa   just wants one hr a day, sooooo i dont know what i doing is point  but do have plans u just keep changing  cause didnt expect this to be so different or develop allergies  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

june 20th ,few pics,,travel few notes ,on sites &of course pix , cute outfit,i like, BUT yes added some sexy lingerie pics for u, all JUNE ,

THERE seems to be like almost no gfe or  middle ground gals anymore all high or low and  nothing,, ummmm try being the only one that is reasonable rate a ,,, a true gfe,,,, but also does massage rub and prostate strap on  fetishes and  individual requests ,,, unique,,  ,  but i try explin time w me in second
****************** coming just need finish ads above  & see what that  site going to do, they NOW changing  and am goign start w cities use regional board still just fyi   then when adult l search  i know what they doing  how to advertise,,, i do chi phil ( i would loveeeee come now) but till u get stable find site  it just be me asking txt those know & hoping i am ok,

 OK SEXY PICS BELOW FOR  YOU<<< I KNOW<<< RIGHT ???? camo pix *TMI  side note   that is me bloated ,, started period  that evening,   BUT I FIGURE IF THIS IS WORST I CAN LOOK,,,<<& YES  still 36DDD ( am working tho tightening  up  a few areas  & lighting up hair, but  ( & still big butt  see!!! just wanted to see how close could get to like looked 10 years ago when saw epopel, BUT  in fl looked this way (one of post has  me day left fl and me year after arrived back north & back to see people)  ,, so only got fat a year took year get it off,,but wanted see if could look,,etc.

 see told ya sexier  next ost the  beige white yellow pink lingerie ones,, just fyi