Wednesday, May 16, 2018

5/16 TONED TONI is back, in PGH now that know u can see this enjoy & add 4 sets u missed, & once u guys find site u use, cant just txt/hope u show, but maybe phil or other way cincy thru cbus for dr and then into chi, JUST excited show u pics again

ok now that know u can see these let me show u the last 4 iupdates u have missed,, there cute,  cause now i can move again,, wink ohh BUT GOT % outfits so 5 new  bras incl sports one, ( EXACT SIZE OF YOUR BODY) AND Um 36dd was to tight had take off after an hr hurts to bad U WILL LAUGH tho cause i do say no matter how small i have been the butt and boobs go nowhere , no idea why but they dont, 

  u  guys saw these right the ones me crawling all over sink etnk, etc topless and then into sin ( same as  last set in undies, ( just farting around didnt think they be ok,,  ) then was like oh damn it,,,, sooo and  sooo the today may 16 i meant  ,, lol and yes  when hair dries will put on   nylons heels,, etc do a cutie  set   wanted update tho  sooooooooooo if i dont update u know it is just something wrong ( not me not updating)   no idea but i have to figure this out,,, as if i not behind enough,

Monday, May 14, 2018

may 14 UMM wow HUH<

new below   pulled few sites  as soon as figure out now what up with this blog ( IT IS CAUse bp, a law was enacted,) affects all posting sites ) , i warned u)  I know fixing,, not sure what they mean by theme and html affects views etc ( its cause of law,  but i tried put anything , so did look bad ) just couldnt,, look again in a bit thank u   probably, ( phil?? chi?? cincy??  i dont know cbus,)  u know,,,, anyway  when i know u will ,  leave soon before holiday,,, head somewhere,

now even this is affected , cause it is a posting  site  there now a law,, ( i told u guys,, broke the general rule,, u were one  a site the general public uses,, if u keep to u corner of world u be ok,) and  not only but got  so worse cheap vulgar downhill, they kinda had to do something,  ,,there are unspoken rules and  as long as u follow u be fine
DONT think so?? never had a side glance , have a met a few dept at all levels and all i hear is ,, toni if anyone gives u trouble let us, know,,,   i wasnt warning u cause i didnt love bp, i didnt but that just cause got  200-260 call/txtx aday due that, site ,
anyway did pull off some stuff and know whats up not up,  u guys can use what u want I really dont care,, just care i can change put post ad there, ( like erl, and em, i cannot , there just computers,, )  but  lets see togther
I SAY CAUSE NOT Coming cites till know whats cities to use or  join agency??  other wise just have  ask who in txt email,,,  soooo  i am going stick to so far cities that  the regional board still up ( u should know your cities regional board,, means  normal gal rates not high like eros, not low  like bp mid,,