Friday, July 20, 2018

july 222 4 NEW outfits, new pics 2 NEW VIDEO , new toned body &NEW BLONDE hair miss ya

 have few more pics to pick out add but these ar like  semi  nice,( like just CUE  i hear ones from june beg of july " hot as  fuck" wink,,

 i might be  behind on videos  cause for  2 months hair 6 colors and braided but i hear PICTURE s are hot e fuck and i have to agree and then this explain why not traveled yet ( waiting)  bt ready to do video agaian  wretsle and adult also,, ready travel again fix adult search  and ready   so next one   next video i do  set pics video  w nylons heels dress and the  like 8th new outfit ( other 7 sets all next  posts below us  all end june beg of july)  see they look like these,, the pink , nude,   but next do one classy and striptease show all video and then set travel dates & leave soon  in the next week( also learned apps,, what pay  apps   credit cards, and what video pics,and got a pad  almost all  set so I CAN answer emal pm calls & txt  instant, cause now i cant been last 2 years barely get thru txt few calls,,almost done getting into 21st century do need better cell tho,,,, ii know txt,,,,

hey there a reason ,  
 adding now  one second,, have lighten crops but see i hear  u will droll over pics in any posts  below  and like i said mainly  for video case yesterday pics huge close ups light and  hot also,,,,, so u be ok till get back to blog add rest of blue set

july 2018 is the active one,, * i added pics,vid 4 u here _but trying condense, i case u google THIS THank U ,Had to re do fb also 1 cell # not hardcuvres addess

purple me  july 20, 2018

July 2018 ( pics/ the one i have updated past year__ just back u didnt miss anything but me fixing body /hair back to old me,, as took car emy father so he could pass and home & now tho, i developed bad allergies, & touring, see where i like it,, just fyi,, so much has changed, not me,,, but not bad as an old lady hUH,,?? WINK
Insta, snap chat tonibenz45 doing tumblr also
Have postimage & vmeo

Sunday, July 15, 2018

JULY 19 video & pics Me BLONDE ,, ok have 4 more new outfit & hope to leave in next 10 days,, it doesnt matter yet ( THE SITE U Picked) for 5th wk sent me email saying, maybe next week, we have it fixed, NO idea

 it not done  done have had few  bright blonde highlights but almost and i add set  from last week u missed in a bit,, wanted share this first ***&&&&&&  ohhh so now i can do a video  u guys for 8 weeks my hair was  6/ different colors,,  red pinks corals  blue purple,

ABOVE sat  14th and  these   Just took fast  TUE JULY  the 17th ( still have dry hair & do But wanted see  if i liked the new purple blue  peach pink black white or yellow  or  rose,

but see   didnt get fat last week,,,   u know how u get paranoid,,   i agree,,, it is just funny when it has only been a week