Wednesday, September 12, 2018

sept 16/ adding new pics HAHAHA THE USUAL SEPT FOR ME< hotel with sinus infection as watched hurricane come thru wher i use to, family lives funny right ?

 sat i still have  half more add, here    & did video  th eve for u,, cause lost all pics vid again  no idea??  but prob same reason cant install phone program on pad,,  one those sets a lot came out good and u got see body flexibility  me bed  floor dff angles,, OH and th fri also did red < cameo, & dress nylons heels,,( i do have  i dont know if u look thru u see they just never look as good the pics w nylons dress, OHHH ,BUT BUT IT reaally does seem like it is feb again___ so should be good  go  and head out in a week ok sexy butts???
ok  i hope be headed out in 8 days,, guys,,, ,   but last thing have fix phone  but wont do that here,, just to much ,   want leave also, ( OHH & so that # dont work , it wont install) so ,, but when ix have my original number just no phone
                                        412   230  2547