Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year, Toni pics from new yrs eve was bored, sorry took me awhile find correct blog,

I kept logging into the wrong blog, in pittsburg headed to cbus a few days then have fix somethings at my dads, then will figure it out, but on list, maybe youngstown and akron canton area, maybe philly and chicago, for sure have freinds to see in charlotte nc and bwi area baltimore, and know peope want FL again but 1- i am more per hr, so not sure know that and two awful scared to come back near FL, would love to due to weather but scared anyway was bored new years eve so did pics and btw as u know catching up , i was behind due to my father passed away the fall ( takes a long time to do that after death stuff um wow, ) and u tube suspended my acct fyi, so no more vids, they seem to have my ip adress i tried everything, and two FB asked me twice so far to prove myself , sooo trying fix that , if not guess have make new one or try to , just fyi wasnt me in case u were thinking, see i must be way to blunt for everything not only for people must be to blunt for net also !!! ok these are new years eve and day pics and did cute video, try figure out where to put besides BP