Tuesday, June 29, 2010


You might remember how I posted a few months back that photo of a peek in my fridge, which showed my protein shake mixes and other things to help with my fitness plan.
It really does pay off to watch your calories, keep you carbs relatively low, and eat a lot of high protein/low fat meals to help build muscle and burn fat.
I think I’m looking better than I have in years at this point, and it’s because I’ve been dilligent in sticking to a better routine.
In the last few years I’ve had several articles published about me and how I love to work out. I’ve been in Oxygen and Fitness, which focuses primarily on Women’s Health.
It’s hard to stick to a routine sometimes, because like many people I love carbs and sugar, and when you’re stressed you often think of how you want those things. That’s why when I cook things high in carbs I try to have as many people come eat at my house as I can, so that I can share the food and not feel that I have to eat that many carbs myself. And being around people and having a good time can lower your stress so you’re not as tempted to eat Carbs. Want me to cook you dinner?

Strangely, unlike a lot of people I eat better when I’m on the road. I don’t have as much time to eat so I go grocery shopping for things that I can eat quickly but that will be healthy for me…fruits, salad mixes, almonds, trail mix, yogurt, etc. So those top 3 photos show my food on the road. The bottom pic is from cooking dinner for about 5 people at my place when I”m back home.

Oxygen Magazine

Fitness Magazine

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

still in raleigh

No, down in Charleston atm

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Will you be visiting massachusetts soon

probably not. Daughter is graduating and going to spend a few months updating my sites in FL

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