Monday, March 8, 2010

On being a mom

A lot of people ask about my life as a mom. So here's some info about that. My daughter is going to college this year, finishing up high school. Sometimes when I'm not out on the road I help her with her schoolwork, like this year earlier when I helped her on an English project. She had to write a resume for the monster in Beowulf and then do a large picture story book based on that story, so I helped her with coloring in the pictures.

Sometimes she signs on the computer and people think it's me so they message her (BE CAREFUL what you say on IM, make sure it's me first!) recently she was talking to some hot girl in Italy that said to my daughter she was jealous of me. My daughter thinks that funny because people just don't see how I'm always running around trying to get everything done, well except my daughter and my assistants and a few of my friends. Not much to be jealous of when you have to work all the time and barely have a minute for yourself, right?

This year for her birthday we had not been living in FL for very long, so I took her to Orlando and we saw some of the theme parks and went to a really nice restaurant for dinner (you'd die if I said how much it cost us to eat there! Well, unless you've been to a Brazil Churrascaria before, then you'd know how much it is!)

Like me, my daughter loves animals so we're always taking some in and caring for them. We also found out that the first year we live in FL there's a lot of places we can go into for free to see animals and shows and stuff, so we took advantage of that the first two months we lived there, places like Jungle Island and a duck tour we went on. Oh here's a pic of me in the Everglades when we went, my daughter took this pic.

So yeah, we're best friends. Next time I'll give the advice I have to parents with young kids they want to see go to college :) Trust me, the 4-5 years leading up to that are some of the craziest ones to ever go through with your kid, but it's so worth it to see them succeed!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So much news to catch up on!

I know I know, I haven't been posting as much lately. I had a lot of things to do around and after the holidays, but I finally got caught up and decided to go out on the road again. So I'll be posting more to give the news of things that happened around the time when I was away.

But first, I just want to post this collage of some recent photos taken of me, less than two weeks ago! Just to say thanks for stopping by to read my blog :)

Toni B