Thursday, December 17, 2009

A lot of travel!

Last week I was in New England. On my Clubtoni blog I posted a couple of pix of the snow, I know the Florida people wanted to see because they never see snow down there.
I'll post the same here.

So yeah that's part of what I did. I also tried raw food for the first time. I did a whole video journal on that. Ince I get to somewhere I can upload the video, you can see all about that. I went to a casino in CT, figured I'd check it out while I was in Hartford.

Here's the photo of the raw food stuff:

That was certainly interesting, but I think I prefer more of my food cooked.

This week I'm in Chicago and then DC, then I'm going back home to spend the holidays with my daughter.
A club wants to feature me as a dancer, so I'm thinking of doing that in January, oh and I'll be visiting Wisconsin somewhere in that time.
I also agreed to be in a 3 day model auction for the Super Bowl. ... I think about 10% of the proceeds from that go to charity, so that's cool.
I'll also be doing some more stuff with mixed martial arts and body paint in January/February.
So a lot of new developments going on, and of course I'll post about them as I learn more.

It's REALLY REALLY cold here. It was -5 at one point! This hotel is great though. I had room service bring me enough eggs and bacon to last all day. I love eggs and bacon, and it's great because of all the protein. They have a great workout room as well. So I have been getting up early every morning to work out and then eating my eggs and bacon for the day.

See what a great room this is? I have a nice balcony through those double doors.
Last night I decided to kick back and have a few drinks. Here's a pic of me doing that on the balcony, and someone else wanted a pic of me in my room so I asked someone to take the photo, sorry the photo turned out crappy but my phone cam is not always the best for that.

Tomorrow I head out to DC. I always have a lot of fun in DC.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What I learned at iTunes

I was just ordering some music online and realized how much stuff I like! DJ Ricardo. David Guetta. Trance. Industrial. Also synthetic. I like rock old and new, heavy and contemporary stuff (Rob Zombie, etc., to Nickelback) while lounging. And sometimes I feel like reggae, Latin or rap, like Flo Rida and Ludicrus.

I even like Trans Siberian Orchestra and Enya to Peter Gabriel and even some 80s like Asia. Lot of metal in the 80s, in the 90s some dance or rap stuff. For new stuff, I kind of prefer techno and rock or industrial, so it kinda changes.

But when you listen on the web and you don't know what it's called, it is usually something a DJ reworked, turning rock into trance or some such. Most of the time I don't like that, but I have liked Lords of Acid and even some 3 Doors Down.

So there's such a huge variety, it's why I never answer that question on sites about what's my favorite music. Nobody wants me to fill up the whole page with this stuff, but saying "everything" isn't entirely true. If it has a beat, I like it.

Since I have technically an adult daughter, I have changed with the music, which is what most parents or people I know have not done. I do like what's out there by Flo Rida and Lil Wayne to Nickelback and Daughtry to Lady Gaga. (Ha ha, I almost left off the last "A" in Gaga. Freudian, right?)

Gee, I even like Marilyn Manson, some Heavy D and Nelly. Aliyah, TLC and Aqua are all old-timers in the genres that I like (just for those who don't recognize some of these names).

Oh, yeah, and even some smooth classic Enya and Sade. A group that plays about as Christian as I get is Enigma (hahaha), which is called ethnic fusions. So guess that kind of a techno or synthetic if you think fusion.

Yeah sorry, no country or classical for me. I'm not too big on slow jazz, either. Ha ha, but I have a few exceptions even there. I can listen to some rowdy Charlie Daniels Band. And as I said, sometimes Sade. But that's not just not me too often because I am more likely to move, move, move than I am to relax!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Found this funny on Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton has a post about Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood. And being Perez, it's pretty brutal. I guess he doesn't like MM and ERW together for some reason, or maybe he just doesn't like either of them. then again, he makes his money finding dirt to exploit on celebs and being hateful in general.

I just think it's interesting because I like the show True Blood, which ERW is on as the vampire queen. And I like all kinds of music, yes even some Marilyn Manson songs. I used to dance to a few of his songs. But I like all kinds of music, pop, hip hop, rock, classic rock, classical. Whenever I'm driving to different places I like to flip through the stations to see what kind of music selection there is, and I really like having satellite radio!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Didn't overdo it on Thanksgiving food!

See, I was good. I didn't eat too much and I've been working out. Took this photo this morning because I was feeling pretty good about myself. You have to be careful around the holidays not to let it throw you off your routine. I'll be doing some fitness shoots soon as well as some regular modeling shoots, so I need to look my best!