Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update on me!

From since last Winter I had the most insane and funniest pictures/videos for you ever! Okay, I took months off to heal my boobs and then train in martial arts, pilates, and yoga. It must have worked because I am getting so many offers to do things like body paint, underwater, martial arts, cat fighting and mixed fighting shoots. And of course I cannot WAIT to play with girls and guys since I’ve been pent up for months! I even just had FHM write and say I meet their physical requirements, would I consider sending in polaroids and doing a test shoot? (OMG! I know, that’s what I said too!) So those of you have said “when will the old Toni’s smokin’ body be back, well here it is and are you now ready to get wild and have fun with me? Here’s a pic of me out and about lately, partying it up!

My assistant said I look like I lost well over 20 lbs since last year. MOre pictures are coming soon and I am so excited to share them with you!
Toni B

Traveling and doing webcam shows!

Travel Dates:
King of Prussia, PA: Oct 1-6
Charlotte, NC: Oct 11-16
Key West, FL: Nov 4-7

Webcam shows:
Oct 4th (daytime, specific time TBA)
Oct 5th (evening, specific time TBA)
Oct 7th (evening, specific time TBA)
More to be scheduled for Oct 12 -16!

Remember to go to, sign in as a member and click on Free Live Webcams
From there you can click to view me when I’m live on the Camz network!

I also now have a Say Now account! The number to call if you want to leave me a message or talk to me when I’m on live is: 786-235-2709 You can call from anywhere in the world for free and leave me a message, text message, or picture! (Phone carrier rates may apply, depending on your contract with your carrier)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

In Orlando today!

In Orlando today with Heather and my daughter, and having a great time! Pix to come soon! We're going to eat at a nice brazilian steakhouse place tonight and a comedy club, and then Universal Studios tomorrow!
Oh, we all got wild hair extensions last night too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

webshow friday at 7 pm, florida living , news and travel

living in florida going well, so far a lot of storns, but we like it , my daghter got a scholarship to college and i am also doiing my first shoot since lost 20 ponds thursday, so looking good and thank you for your pateince starting to travel again, so far just charlotte and south florida and i will do two cities in sept then the rest i have promised in oct/nov , i plan to travel almost every week a few days a week, thanks for your support