Monday, December 15, 2008

below is a slide show here is a nice picture from oct

here is a funny storey for you, In case you do not know ,like me, The first time you get breast implants I got to pick the size, second time i just pick a picture and they try to aim for that. Therefore, I had no idea what size I was for awhi. I go into Victoria's Secret and pick out my usual size 34D. To say it did not fit is an understand, my boobs hit my chin, I ask the older lady t measure me. she comes back slides a box and under the door and says these will fit. I look down and laugh and say umm I don't think I am that size. she says now you are honey. I respond .well then do you have anything I would not buy my grandma for Christmas, She says not really 36DDD and 34DDD are the top sizes we have> I would say you are bordering on a E. Great, So i did get a few bras and the best I could do is lace on the cup. The other funny note is i have to wear a medium and then a small sports bra on top of it, to hold the puppies in enough to run and workout,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

hey everyone update coming this weekend,

sorry to leave you hanging rough month, okay 2 months, smile, i have all new clips , pictures, and members site coming this week, they are from before surgery but cute, so i want to show you, the new clubtoni is being redesigned as we speak and i will own and update t myself, just needed to find designer that would design software for me to use and new billng so that i could have a store and membesite, but thanks for asking, so far surgery went well, back to size 2/4 due to wt loss and woring out twice a day and boobs are 34 ddd , thats cool, huh , it had been rough surgery, i got breast infection, then went to my heart because i have a murmor and then my daughter had some sensative issues , so i am sorry dissappeared for awhile but back, TONI B