Thursday, August 28, 2008

first shoot with southern charms bash went okay

girls a bit shy and ths one masterbated for me
but it was fun because had 8 girls a few guys even a sc gent and pools, docks, fishing, bikes, and farm houses , so tons outside stuff and als i brought a blue ford mustang, so overall went well, toni just wanted to start this blog and say hi and welcome to my insane but fun world,

some pics from last shoots

first post , explaining this site and my "life"

the site i have freedom to say hi and fully tell you what is going without worrying about my wording or ,about the sites being affected, this is the site wether you belong to my southern charms, clubtoni, see me, do videos with me, buy clips, check in occasionally or just like me from my space or youtube, maybe my modeling here __ i can talk to you and you to me, but mainly for me to communicate to you what is going on with me and my sites openly

okay first set of news
all these are

toni benz

clips and clips4sale

i am adding new videos as we speak they are uploading.

southern charms

for those that have found this site,\ for ease of use this will be a solo site or me with other southern charms girls only, mainy pics,and small videos 2 minutes for memebrs it also has solo videos on sc videos, the adult wrestling, water, wet and messy ,fetsishes webcam shows and etc etc orgies strap on journals,otehr girls conetent and i could go on etc this stuff is on clubtoni with samples on clips stores but i know many just like the community of southern charms, so that is okay by me,

i am not hee to sell anyone anything, t is there and if you want it, to share my expereinces glad to have you and if not i do try to share my life thru stpries although g- rated ones on the social sites


as we speak i am now under my managment, new managment , if you belong you know why , i am taking control and redesigning and i will be updating every week if not more, i have over 2 years of content to go up and i have fought for a year to get the site under my control, ( long story short, my web designer got a job and got busy ignored me and i signed with two new companies since then that have also screwed me, ) so decided to put the time and money into doing it myself, which trust me is a long costly adventure, but should be worth it to share with you, i ebeliev, so when you see new design ,is is then completely done and managed by me.i am redesigning so you do not have to guess when that is i also have a list of your e mails i will send to you )

those are the huge goings on
also --store and stuff
i am working on a store merchant account so soon be abe to buy there panties, webcam shows ,dvd and etc that kind of stuff

i do not do phone, do not like it not good at it, i only do what i like there for 100 percent real, wether you like it or not ( kidding ) lol

i love requests and comments, and in general the myspace and youtube i do not update someone alse does as well as my modeling stuff , so if you wonder why you e mailed me there and i did not respond , now you know,

my jobs
also lastly as far as "work" please remember this is a general site for all fans, and not everyone knows everything about me nor should they( for example my modeling agencies) , therefor let me tell you," technically" i travel to model wrestle and do shots for clubton and sites, and it is what i do , but lets keep it at that.

north carolina
for those that want to know why i am not in nc often well one thing main reason is no jobs of the above for me, and anotehr thing is no money as well as the main reason i am simply put very sick there hyperallergic to 19 things that grow there meaning i get fever , fatigue infections of sinus etc, the air is cleaner in otehr places, it is not as simple as claratin, i have tried shots gooten hives all over surgery, meds etc it is only in nc and so i have to eventually move, but for those that do not believe me on good mornaing charlotte was a special on how charlotte got denied federal funding for bsuienss and transportation due to poor air quaility, esp in summer so i just cannot stay there and be happy productive etc, and i am there for two more years while daughter finishes school,

e mails

i get tons of e mail regarding this why i travel and what i do about being a mom , it is a combo of that travel is where modeling and video jobs are .that is how i get content, that is how i do meet and greet, and is hw i make most of my money and also allergies,

ps my daughter is 18 , dont worry , she s staright a student and has scholarships to colleges and vet school and prefect attendence , volunteers and has 2 jobs as well as honors courses and dance she tutors also, i say these because people wonder how i can be a god mom, it s called a good base when young, and i am not so liberal a mom as i am in my life, and becayse she is a good girl it allows me to travel and s fr her i stay in nc, and put up with it, but thanks

best i can expain everything, hope it helps. as to all my sites and stuff. feel free to write any questions here i will answer them