Thursday, May 16, 2019

May 16 in cle...left cbus cbus may 23 24 then CINCY then hope thru pgh to.phil. and chi

Last 6 pics in order taken may 10-15th
U guys i am in #Cleveland had to leave. #columbus . thur. That band stuff be back in th and fri then
#Cincinnati #pgh will be thru when i get mail. So can bring papers downtown.  I was just there...very long time so....and columbus been in out past 2 yrs. cle even i think know most people  so cincy phil chi. Trying  i .coming. had to re do id.s insurance .then coming
Remind me
My 2 mottos
i give in to sin cause u have to make this life liveable. Lol
I do want one short
pulled in cleveland last pics taken wknd. Wed  may 15 toni

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Crap i did it on tablet. Hokd on finding it. adding cause im back ..sorry i published it

Looks like this so have this and next in   that i put somewhere. Maybe my other blog. Had 2 of them
My sorry

Can u guys see vid pics from april 17 18. asking cause did easter one w garter nylons

I want  to add but  i didnt see. The .2 from april 17
and making travel  now
Hopefully up to chi. thru pitt over to phil and then we will see.

Friday, October 19, 2018

oct 25 video nude & pcs answer door in heels/towel!-wink , also did nude on show what bring & explaan why stuck or why reach me I havent wanted to say but kinda have to now ,

btw  stay tuned,, i have some  nudes to add  also  just  wanted show these excited,, almost ready add news &  going to REDO THE 2nd  VIDEO  first me,, nude  short see me, & s2nd I forget if just longer of top,   but what menat to do   clothes   put outfit on and do   I am left exlining kinda what i been dealing with ( forget alleries & phone_ i mean hw this has become and how hard,    but it just cause NOW we gotten point where  look bad  BUt u kinda dont know    And IT  always been ton txt requests but never been all bs,,( what i call a bp city like cle or  pitt has become ( 7 i mean schedule   ge by see people  , it just totally different  & why gals very high very low no inbetween or gfe,,  BBUT  it isn gals  fault,  i nowNOW see whay they do what do &  to prove it,, ummm a site  escort driectory, with all my reviews 200  adult videos 100 and model stuff fetsh stuff all over,,   let alone  misc articles about social sites and  mags or tv  done,, or  videos done w other companies,,,  all that and THIS blog and they terminated acct  called me a FRAUD  AND t he  site  most of u now use, SO AGAIn sptnnt days hrs on phone net etc with them in end they finally said oh, we decided,,,,,,  sso   again IT LOOKS LIKE ME not travel  get there j keep my word  looks like me not  answer see people  and it really is YOU no me,    now if I went up rates, i probably wouldnt have this trouble, just fyi  been told a few times u an charge more BUt if u get ahold of me  u end up saying  instead of great i am coming   u are like how  cheap and how much can i do,, sooooooo if u think i am in any hurry to run to antoher city like that  cause all i can do is listcrawler,, u must be kidding me!! but i will be brief  it consice,,   BUT  U REALLy will get  and say ohhhh i didnt know 
 i wrote a thing concise statement e tho-- say what use to do what plans were  why back and what had planned to do, but also what has happened past year  or two & why i appear to look like a loser and so unable to do anything say  etc    there is a reason  it isnt what i appear t  be,,,   not as irresponsible and willy nilly as u think but a few things  that  fucked me up ass at same time  and so bee rough year , 

 not bad butt huh,,